NVIDIA Announces Launch Date for Cloud Gaming Service in Australia

In January, NVIDIA claimed that its platform would be “coming soon” to . We've finally been giving a more well-defined timeframe for its launch.

NOW Arrives in Fall 2021

Thanks to its partnership with internet service provider Pentanet, NVIDIA is expecting to launch its GeForce NOW in October 2021, assuming that “everything goes to plan” during the beta test period.

Officially speaking, the roadmap for the beta and full launch of Geforce NOW in will follow three phases: Beta Quests, Beta Play, and finally, national release.

Pentanet is based on Perth, so that's where most of the servers will be based. During the beta there will be additional servers in Sydney, though player demand will likely result in even more server locations opening up anyway.

NVIDIA and Pentanet claim that they've received more than 45,000 registrations from Australians interested in the service. However, if you're looking to take part in the GeForce NOW beta, know that it isn't a matter of just signing up to join.

You'll have to access Pentanet's newly-unveiled cloud.gg, where you can do “quests” to earn yourself a spot in the beta pool. The quests involve tasks like completing surveys, watching marketing videos, and updating your profile info.

Cloud Gaming Continues to Grow

As more time passes, it seems as though the cloud gaming model gets more viable. GeForce NOW is among the most popular to date with Amazon Luna, Microsoft xCloud, and recently, PlayStation Now.

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