Outerloop Games’ Falcon Age Coming to Oculus Quest This Week

There are a few virtual reality (VR) videogames due for launch this week and now there's another to add to that list, Indie team Outerloop Games has announced that its adventure title Falcon Age will soar onto Quest in a few days.
Falcon AgeOriginally released for PlayStation VR early last year followed by a PC launch via Epic store a few months later, gameplay centres around the bond you build with your bird companion – who just so happens to be a falcon funnily enough.

A single-player adventure, in Falcon Age you play as Ara who has been thrown in jail for a minor infraction on a dying planet. Robot invaders have turned the place into a desert, depleting all resources. Whilst locked up Ara befriends a baby falcon, helping pass the time away. Managing to escape the pair then work together to help the resistance and reclaim the planet.

As you're teaming up with this young falcon its up to you to name, pet, feed, teach the bird, crafting falcon snacks from farming and hunting to buff, heal and strengthen your winged friend. You can even clothe your falcon in hats, scarves, even a monocle to give it a stylish look. Upgrade the falcon with useful equipment like sonar and armour.
Falcon AgeFighting the robot invaders isn't purely down to your falcon, as you're armed with a stun baton to help your mate. There's even an Imprint Mode which offers the story with optional combat.

Outerloop Games will release Falcon Age for Quest this Thursday 3rd September.

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