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This week was a big week for with the introduction of its brand new hero, Wrecking Ball, the finals of the Overwatch League season between the London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion. In addition to adding its 28th character to the roster this week, Overwatch also announced a free-to-play . As of , old Overwatch fans, as well as anyone who has not tried out the award-winning game before, can play it for free on PC up until Monday July 30th.

The free-to-play weekend will be available to most regions, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia (minus Korea). In order to access the event, players simply need to register for a Blizzard account via the Overwatch free weekend client, which also went live today, and download the game. From there, players will have to access the full roster of heroes, including Overwatch‘s new hero, Wrecking Ball, as well as all 18 maps in the game. In addition to that, all game modes such as Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom Games will also be available to try out this weekend.

overwatch free to play weekend

Achievements are disabled for the free-to-play weekend, unfortunately, but players will still have the ability to level up and earn loot boxes. First-time Overwatch players will also be happy to know that the progress they make during this free-to-play weekend will be saved, should they decide to buy the game later after trying it out.

With additional changes recently made to characters such as Symmetra, who can now launch her turrets, and Hanzo, who can now air-dash and shoot a string of back-to-back arrows, the game is more fun than ever. It is therefore a great time for fans that have not played Overwatch in a while, and for new players, to join the game and to be able to experience why the game now boasts over 40 million active subscribers.

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Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and One.

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