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Blizzard announces it is finally some much needed changes to  hero Torbjorn. There had been minor updates on the progress of these changes over the past few months, but nothing was concrete until now.

The specifics of the rework were shared through the most recent Overwatch Developer Update, and were delivered, as usual, by head honcho Jeff Kaplan.

First off, armor packs have been removed. Gone are the days of flinging them all over the stage for players to collect. This means the scrap system is also, well, scrapped. This secondary ability is being replaced by Overload, which is similar to how his previous Ultimate, Molten Core, functioned. Overload will provide a movement speed bonus, damage resistance, and a firing rate increase. Since this will be on a cooldown, and can be used regularly, it will improve Torbjorn’s damage capabilities.

As far as his new Ultimate goes, it will be keeping the name Molten Core, but will work much differently. Torbjorn now tosses out liquid magma, creating pools on the ground that damages players in that area, as well as dealing extra damage to armored characters.

Additionally, turrets will no longer have levels, but will begin at its level two incarnation from start and remain there. When a turret is deployed, it goes through a short build time, and can be placed with a bit of a toss, enabling players to set up turrets in area they might not have been able to previously.

These changes aren’t as drastic as what other heroes have received, such as Symmetra’s rework a few months ago, but they should make Torbjorn a more viable pick. We might actually start seeing him being used more frequently outside of Quick Play. Players will be able to test out these changes in the PTR soon.

Shortly after discussing Torbjorn, Jeff briefly mentioned that hero updates are also in the works for Orisa, Soldier: 76, McCree, and Pharah, all of which are planned for completion on January 29 of next year.

As for what changes are available now in the game, Overwatch recently added a new control map, Busan. Based in South Korea, it is the home of D.Va and the base of operations for MEKA, both of which were featured in the latest Overwatch animated short “Shooting Star.”

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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