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It was recently revealed when players would see new hero Wrecking Ball be added to Overwatch‘s roster, and now it looks like more changes will be headed to the game, as well. Developer Geoff Goodman revealed some upcoming balance adjustments coming to support class heroes.

Posting about it in the official Overwatch forums, Goodman detailed what changes were being made to each of the support heroes. It seems almost every character in the support class will be seeing changes done all in the name of balance. A date for the patch has not been given, but he did state it will be making its way to PTR very soon.

Ana is seeing a buff to her Nano Boost ultimate, which will now not only boost attack and defense, but give an instant heal of 300 HP to the targeted teammate. Brigitte saw a 1 second reduction on the cooldown for her Shield Bash, meaning it will only take 6 seconds to recharge. Lucio will see two changes, one to his Sound Barrier that will now generate 750 shields instead of 500. The AoE aura for his Crossfade ability has also been increased, as well.


Mercy will see her Healing Beam take a bit of a hit on how much healing it does. It is getting reduced to healing only 50 HP per second as opposed to 60 HP. Goodman stated that while Mercy is still intended to have the highest healing output, the team felt she was outperforming other healers too much and needed to be reigned in a bit.

Lastly, Moira is getting a bump in the regeneration rate for her healing. It will be seeing an increase of 20% from its current base number. A full breakdown of the changes, along with Blizzard’s reasons for the adjustments can be found on the official forum post.

Outside of these buffs and Wrecking Ball making their way to the game, Overwatch League is looking to become a staple of home television programming. It was recently revealed that Blizzard has come to an agreement with Disney and ESPN where the companies will be airing Overwatch League across various channels. Of course, while eSports are still primarily streamed through various online platforms, some have made their way to cable television already. One example of this is ELeague, which is shown on TBS and features several different game titles.

Overwatch is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard

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