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Only a month ago, Overwatch teased that a brand new champion will be joining the roster in the near future. It was soon after confirmed that Overwatch hero number 28 is a mech riding hamster, who is a tank, and he is called Wrecking Ball. At the time of the character reveal, Overwatch did not indicate when Wrecking Ball would be joining the game, but finally, Blizzard has now officially revealed on Twitter when Wrecking Ball will be rolling into the game.

Fans can look forward to trying out the new Overwatch hero on July 24th. Some fans were also wondering whether Wrecking Ball will be available for competitive play immediately, to which the Overwatch Twitter replied that “the usual buffer will be in place.” This indicates that, unfortunately, players may need to wait a week or two after the character’s release before being able to use Wrecking Ball in competitive play, as has been the case for previous new characters.

Wrecking Ball’s abilities and weapons include quad cannons, a grappling claw, a minefield, an adaptive shield, and a piledriver, in addition to fast movement. Many fans on Twitter are also already speculating on the types of skins that might be available for the character – a soccer ball and soccer outfit seems to be high on the list. Overwatch is yet to reveal more about the character’s cosmetics and looks, but we are certainly looking forward to being able to fight with a new champion very soon.

It is clear that Overwatch is going all out to keep the game interesting for fans even two years after being released, as Wrecking Ball is already the second hero that has been introduced into the game this year, following the support character, Brigitte, that joined the game in March. Wrecking Ball is the sixth tank hero in the game’s lineup, and promises to cause chaos in battles by rolling around recklessly.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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