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The 2018 Summer Games will kick off in  tomorrow, and it will bring with it some new content for fans to sink their teeth into. Besides the return of Lucioball, Overwatch fans will also have the opportunity to unlock some new skins, with Blizzard taking to Twitter to reveal the new tier skins that will be added to the game tomorrow.

While more skins may be announced or saved as a surprise, Blizzard has so far revealed five new legendary skins that will be coming to Overwatch during the Summer Games 2018 event. Here is a list of the skins fans can expect to be added to the hero shooter tomorrow:

  • Waveracer D.Va
  • Gridiron Reinhardt
  • Catcher Winston
  • Cabana Ana
  • Lacrosse Roadhog

And below are the Twitter embeds where fans can get a look at what each new skin will look like.

Longtime Overwatch fans are likely excited to get their hands on new legendary skins, but it’s worth pointing out that skins from previous Summer Games events will be available as well. This will include some of the most popular skins in Overwatch, including the Grillmaster: 76 skin and the Lifeguard skin for McCree. Better yet, these older skins should be available at a discount compared to how expensive they were in previous years, so anyone who missed out on them should have a better chance of picking them up now.

Anyone who wants to get any of the past Summer Games skins or the current ones will want to act fast. The Summer Games event will run until August 30, at which point players will likely have to wait until next summer before they’ll have another opportunity to unlock them.

Besides new skins, the Summer Games is also adding new content for Lucioball in the form of the Busan map. So Overwatch fans have plenty to look forward to with tomorrow’s update.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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