Petition to Ban Alinity from Twitch is Blowing Up

Popular Twitch streamer Alinity recently found herself under fire after she threw her cat in an Apex Legends stream. This incident prompted people to search through some of Alinity’s past controversial Twitch clips, revealing a pattern of the Twitch streamer mistreating her animals. Despite the controversies, Alinity’s channel is still live on Twitch, prompting those upset to create a petition to permanently her from the streaming .

The petition to ban Alinity from Twitch has already amassed nearly 8,000 signatures at the time of this writing, with new people pledging their support at a quick pace. The petition was made by a person named Cai Samuels, who wants Twitch to permanently ban Alinity for what she did to her animals on Twitch. “It’s clear that Twitch has a clear bias and they favor women streamers, but this is animal abuse,” Samuels said in the petition’s description. “It’s time for them to take action and permanently ban Alinity.”

It’s unlikely that the petition to ban Alinity from Twitch is going to be taken seriously by anyone at Twitch unless it generates significant support. Even then, it’s possible that the streaming giant will refrain from issuing a statement on the matter or taking any kind of action. Alinity, meanwhile, has released a statement.

Even if Twitch did decide to ban Alinity for the various incidents involving her animals, it’s unlikely that her ban would be permanent. Twitch’s most popular streamers usually only get “banned” for a couple of weeks at a time, even when they engage in illegal activity on stream. For example, Dr DisRespect streamed himself in public bathrooms at E3 2019, which is against the law in California, yet his account was only offline for about two weeks.

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However, perhaps combined pressure from the petition and the complaints filed by various animal rights organizations will convince Twitch to do something about the streamer’s behavior.

Besides the stream where she threw her cat over her head, there have been other recorded instances of Alinity mistreating her animals. In one stream, Alinity kicked her dog to stop it from chasing her cat, and in another stream, she tricked her cat into licking vodka off her lips.

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