PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 has a new report out

RPCS3, the very impressive 3 continues advancing quickly with the team putting up a new . This latest covers April, with the delay being due to not having enough contributors. They’re actually looking for help writing them, which you can apply for here.

As always, they included some information on the total number of games that they class as Playable, can get in-game and so on. Going by the report, there’s now 41.27% (1258) of titles that are actually playable which is an impressive milestone to reach. Going over the major changes, work continued on improving texture cache and the shader decompiler, which has helped towards fixing broken lighting, depth of field and fog in certain titles like Uncharted 2. On the Vulkan side, it has improved memory management, big improvements to rendering with NVIDIA GPUs, better save file/directory handling, DualShock 3 support on Linux thanks to Linux already having drivers for it they’re now hooking into and so on.

Showing off some of the work being done, they made a new video showcasing the improvements with Sonic Unleashed and it’s practically a night and day difference:

Other noted titles include NCAA Football 09 and NCAA Football 10 that are now classed as playable, Madden NFL 11 is now playable, Madden NFL 13 and 09 can now get in-game, a lot of NBA games like NBA 2K7 and NBA 2K8 can now get in-game and so on.

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