PlayStation Will Not Attend Gamescom 2022 Event

has stated that PlayStation won't be attending this year. As Nintendo has also openly pulled out, this revelation effectively eliminates two of the top three console manufacturers from this year's Gamescom showcase.

PlayStation reaffirmed its intention to miss Gamescom 2022 and that it will not be making any disclosures during the event's Opening Night Live broadcast, which Geoff Keighley will host.

PlayStation skipping the Gamescom 2022

PlayStation won't be present at the event, according to a Sony representative who stated on its behalf. It's a little unexpected given that the PS5 will still see some big releases in 2022 and that enthusiasts have already been anticipating new titles for 2023. PlayStation's exclusion from the event comes to the list of publishers that already includes Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, and Take-Two Interactive.

“Although not on the same magnitude as 2019, we are convinced that Gamescom will once again be the world's largest gaming convention. The ultimate amount will depend on the upcoming months and the freedom we have; we won't be aiming for the next record, and we'll be restricting certain ticket sales “Felix Falk said so.

The whole exposition complex and all of its adjoining spaces have been allocated for usage, however, Gamescom organizers have not yet announced a list of exhibitors. On August 23, Gamescom Opening Night Live will serve as the event's kickoff. On August 24, it will then be accessible to reporters, content creators, and industry attendees before becoming available to the general public.

PlayStation fans shouldn't be overly shocked by Sony pulling out of Gamescom 2022 since the publisher has been moving at its own speed ever since pulling out of the E3 2019 games. It's unclear if activities will grow back or if 2022 will bring in a significant change as far as how new games are announced and discussed given the several significant gaming events still scheduled for the remainder of the year.

This is also feasible that additional publishers will opt to follow large publishers in avoiding similar events.

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