Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Remove One Cruel Joke

There are a lot of great features in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that should be carried over, but there’s one NPC no one would miss.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, remakes of the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, are scheduled to release in late 2021 much to the delight of both old and new Pokemon fans. The remake of Pokemon’s fourth generation and the promise of a return to the Sinnoh Region will be a great way to close out the year, and so far, the remake looks like it will do a wonderful job of capturing the look and feel of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. While not everyone is 100% sold on what’s been revealed about the game so far, it can’t be faulted for not being faithful to the original.

But with any remake, regardless of how faithful it may be, there is always a chance that some fans’ favorite elements might not be brought back. On the other end, too many changes will separate the game from what it used to be. There’s always a balance that can be a challenge for developers to strike. There are a lot of wonderful features from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that should be included in the remake, but some change is good, and there’s one sadistic character that no one would miss.

Trading in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Will Be Different

In most Pokemon games, players can encounter NPCs who want to trade for specific Pokemon. It can be the perfect opportunity to offload some unneeded Pokemon to get a stronger one, or to get a version from a different region. Trading with NPCs can also be done without an online connection, which is important for players who don’t pay for Nintendo’s online subscription.

Not having an online subscription wasn’t an issue with the original Diamond and Pearl games, because Nintendo didn’t start charging for online access until 2018, but it makes a big difference for gamers playing Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch today. It will also impact players playing Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl this year.

In the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, trading with NPCs was a wonderful addition to the game. Most of the time, the trades were fair and fun to participate in, especially when a new Pokemon was being offered. However, one NPC took advantage of the situation in a way that made a lot of players extremely unhappy.

Mindy, an NPC in Snowpoint City, is one of the characters players can choose to trade with. When players interact with her, she offers to trade a Haunter for a Medicham. For players who don’t have one, acquiring a Medicham is very simple because there are quite a few near Mindy’s location. At face value, the trade seems like a fantastic deal for one key reason.

Haunter is a ghost-type Pokemon that evolves into Gengar, but the catch is that Haunter can only evolve through a trade. No matter how strong or leveled-up a player’s Haunter is, it will never evolve if it hasn’t been traded. Trade evolutions are fun, but they can be difficult for players who don’t have the option to connect with others online.

Because of how online gaming has changed, players would have been able to evolve Gengar through trading rather easily. But for a lot of players playing Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, trading with Mindy might be their one chance at adding Gengar to their Pokedex. Even for players who can access online content, trading with an NPC takes away the hassle of finding someone to connect with and negotiating a trade.

Mindy’s offer is exciting at first, but after making the trade players realize that they’ve been played. The Haunter Mindy trades has an Everstone, which means it will never be able to evolve into Gengar. Many players had their dreams of having Gengar crushed by Mindy, who knew exactly what she was doing. She proceeds to mock the player, knowing they expected it to evolve when the trade was completed, and explains that she gave it an Everstone so that it won’t evolve. Not cool, Mindy.

To be fair, it was never the end of the world. Players could still evolve another Haunter if they can get their hands on one, and it’s not as if they traded away their most prized competitive Pokemon. But it’s just mean, and there are still players who are upset about Mindy’s cruel practical joke.

Trade evolutions aren’t the easiest, so having the opportunity to make such an easy and seemingly beneficial trade is very exciting for a lot of players.  In addition, Gengar is a great Pokemon that’s a favorite of many fans. To give gamers that hope and then crush it isn’t something most appreciated, or even found funny.

In fact, there is an entire subreddit dedicated to hating on Mindy. It has over 13 thousand members and is still active to this day, even though Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out in 2006. It’s possible that the announcement of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl brought the subreddit back to life, but the subreddit has that many followers for a reason: many Pokemon fans have been holding a grudge against Mindy for years.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Should Cancel Mindy

Given that Mindy has inspired so much negativity and hate online, it would probably be best for Game Freak to forego the joke and remove Mindy from the game. It would be one thing if players found the joke funny or a mild annoyance, but fans genuinely don’t like her and were upset by the trade. To prevent Mindy from having a similar impact in the remake, she shouldn’t be in the game.

There are some things that shouldn’t be changed in a remake, because the whole point of remaking a game is to improve upon what was originally there and update it for the next generation of gaming. But sometimes, there are features that didn’t work and should definitely be taken out. Mindy falls into the latter category. Especially considering that online gaming isn’t as easily accessible as it was in 2006 and comes at an additional charge, including Mindy seems even crueler now.

On the other hand, Game Freak could surprise veteran Pokemon fans still upset with Mindy by giving her a change of heart in the remake. If Mindy is in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, maybe she will trade a Haunter without an Everstone so that players can actually obtain Gengar. It would be a great way to pay homage to the original joke without any negative consequences or backlash. No one would complain about actually getting a Gengar from Mindy.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be available for Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

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