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The International of the Girl Child is today and Niantic is celebrating the occasion with a special in-game event in Pokemon GO that’s live now and continues until tomorrow, October 12 at 1pm PDT. The event sees an increased spawn rate of female Pokemon, and gives players the chance to add a shiny to their Pokemon GO collection.

The main reason to  Pokemon GO during the female-themed event is to catch a shiny Nidoran. Nidoran can then be evolved into a shiny Nidorina, which can then be evolved into a shiny Nidoqueen. Spawn rates for shiny Nidoran will be increased for the duration of the event.

While most Pokemon GO players are likely most excited about the chance to get a shiny Nidoqueen, there are some other rare female Pokemon to catch as well. Fans have noted that the female forms of Wobbuffet and Pikachu are also easier to find, and unlike other Pokemon, they both have unique markings to help them stand apart from their male counterparts. Other female Pokemon are also appearing more frequently in the wild, so fans should keep a look out.

Some may be wondering how the female event in Pokemon GO is affecting the ongoing psychic-type event, and as it turns out, it’s having quite the impact. The spawn rates for psychic-type Pokemon appear to have been drastically reduced for this event, and while some may be disappointed, psychic-type Pokemon should be appearing everywhere again on October 12 at 1pm PDT and will stay in the game until October 14.

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The psychic-type event in Pokemon GO is of particular significance for fans of the game, as it can go a long way in helping them complete the Celebi Special Research quest. The seventh page of the Celebi Special Research quest tasks players with catching 40 grass- or psychic-type Pokemon, which is a challenge made much easier if players participate in the event.

Besides the psychic-type event and the International Day of the Girl Child event, Pokemon GO players likely have a Halloween event to look forward to later this as well. For fans of the popular mobile game, it seems like October 2018 is going to be one of its busiest months yet.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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