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Pokemon GO has released a variety of cosmetic variants of in the past, and now a new one is available in the game. Players can find and capture wild Pikachu wearing a double thunderbolt hat effectively immediately.

Pikachu’s new hat was added to Pokemon GO with no official announcement from Niantic. The Pikachu is being offered as a cross-promotion with streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. Fujiwara is introducing a new line of Pokemon-inspired clothing called Thunderbolt Project, including a real-life version of the hat that this Pikachu wears. They will be made available during the Hypefest fashion festival, which runs over the weekend from October 6th to October 7th in Brooklyn, New York.

Unfortunately, players who aren’t at the physical location of Hypefest won’t be able to enjoy the real-world collection that Pikachu’s new look is based upon. Gamers are required to be physically present at Hypefest in order to make a purchase online. However, fans of the designs outside of NYC will eventually have a chance to pick up the collection, as plans are already being made to release the collection during 2019 to a broader audience.

Trainers should expect to see the new Pikachu in the wild now, alongside a number of psychic Pokemon, as the game is currently running a psychic spectacular with increased spawns for Psychic types. Gamers will need to hurry and start looking if they want this rare Pikachu for their collection. It will disappear from the wild starting in the afternoon of October 7th, which will make finding the shiny variant of the Thunderbolt Project Pikachu quite a challenge.

In addition to the hat, a new trainer outfit is available with matching thunder spark design that’s based on the streetwear. The trainer outfit consists of a hat and shirt, and both can be picked up for free in the Pokemon GO style shop.

This is the latest in cosmetic adornments for Pikachu. The Pokemon mascot has received a myriad of different hats before, starting back in 2016 with the Pikachu Santa cap. Although the hat variants of Pikachu don’t offer any special skills or perks, it’s one more way to keep trainers excited about catching a Pokemon that may have already been added to their collection several times before.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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