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Pokemon GO’s Friend and Trading features have been out for nearly a month, which means many players are starting to close in on the third tier of rewards and bonuses. This is where all of those Gifts and Trades will really start to pay off and trainers will start to see deep discounts in trading costs and bigger bonuses when it comes to raiding or battling together.

Players inch closer to the next tier of Pokemon GO friendship for each day that they ‘play together.’ That includes raiding, trading, or battling with the friend or opening a gift from them. It’s pretty easy to hit this daily mark and work through each tier of friendship, as long as the trainer has a manageable number of friends on their list.

Each tier comes with its own exciting bonuses that make the grind more than worth it, especially if there is a shiny or Legendary Pokemon up for trades.

Here’s a visual breakdown of the rewards for each tier, courtesy of The Silph Road subreddit…


Once players reach Ultra, and eventually Best, the rewards really become significant. Trading a new, legendary or shiny Pokemon is still going to cost 40,000 Stardust, but that’s a major discount compared to 1,000,000. Perhaps even more relevant is the damage bonus and extra raid balls.

A 10% increase in damage is a huge swing and could seriously change the metagame when it comes to how many players are required for certain Legendary Battle Raid fights. In theory, this could make Raiding a bit easier and a lot more convenient. As players start to reach Best Friend level in a few months, we’ll be sure to report back on how the Raid scene changes.

Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Silph Road subreddit

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