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Since introducing raid battles in the summer of 2017, Pokemon GO has slowly added more legendary Pokemon to the game over time. So far, all of the first- and second-generation legendary Pokemon are accounted for, but Pokemon GO players are still waiting for many other legendary Pokemon to make their way to the game.

Assuming Niantic plans on adding every Pokemon to Pokemon GO eventually, here are all the legendary Pokemon that are coming to the game.

Generation 3

pokemon go adds regice to raids

So far, Niantic has added almost of the generation 3 legendary Pokemon to Pokemon GO, including the water-type Kyogre, the ground-type Groudon, the dragon/flying-type Rayquaza, the dragon/psychic-types Latias and Latios, and the ice-type Regice. However, players are still waiting for two more legendary titans to be added to the game in the form of Regirock and Registeel.

Luckily, fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to get their hands on Regirock and Registeel in Pokemon GO. When Niantic announced that Regice was making its way to the game, it also confirmed that both Regirock and Registeel would be added this summer as well, so players will have a chance to add both of them to their collection sooner rather than later.

Generation 4

pokemon anime heatran

We know that Niantic has plans to add fourth-generation Pokemon to Pokemon GO, but with there still being a number of second- and third-generation creatures that have yet to make it to the game, it’s unclear when this may be. A likely scenario is that Niantic will start adding fourth-generation Pokemon to the game this fall, like it did with gen 3 last year, but that’s just speculation at this time.

In the meantime, the fourth generation will include some new legendary Pokemon for players to catch, including one that has a connection with the aforementioned legendary titans. The normal-type Regigigas is considered the “master” of Regice, Regirock, and Registeel, so one has to imagine that Regigigas may be one of the first fourth-generation legendary Pokemon to be added to the game.

Besides Regigigas, gen 4 is also expected to add the fire/steel-type Heatran, and the psychic-type Cresselia. Players should also expect to see the creation trio (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina), as well as the the lake guardians (Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie).

Generation 5

pokemon anime cobalion and terrakion

When it comes to legendary Pokemon, the fifth generation is all about trios. Gen 5 will add the Swords of Justice, which consists of the steel/fighting-type Cobalion, the rock/fighting-type Terrakion, and the grass/fighting-type Virizion. The Forces of Nature trio will also be featured in generation 5, and that includes the flying-type Tornadus, the electric/flying-type Thundurus, and the ground/flying-type Landorus.

Generation 5 also features an additional legendary trio known as the Tao trio. The Tao trio features the likes of the dragon/electric-type Zekrom, the dragon/fire-type Reshiram, and the dragon/ice-type Kyurem.

Generation 6


The sixth generation will actually add the least number of new legendary Pokemon to Pokemon GO, with just three new legendary Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y. Known as the Aura trio, the legendary Pokemon from gen 6 are the fairy-type Pokemon Xerneas, the dark/flying-type Yveltal, and the dragon/ground-type Zygarde, which is notable for having three different formes.

Generation 7

10 Best Ghost Type Pokemon - Lunala Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon added 11 new legendary Pokemon to the franchise, so Pokemon GO players should have all 11 of those to catch once the game reaches gen 7 (which, at the rate Niantic is going, will be years from now).

The seventh generation legendary Pokemon include the Guardian deities (Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini), in addition to the Light trio (Lunala, Solgaleo, and Necrozma). There’s also Cosmog and Cosmoem to take into account, which actually evolve into either Lunala or Solgaleo depending on if players are playing Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon.

The final two legendary Pokemon in the seventh generation are actually man-made creatures called Type: Null and Silvally. As it turns out, Silvally is actually the evolved form of Type: Null, making Type: Null unique along with Cosmog and Cosmoem as some of the only legendary Pokemon that can evolve.


With Pokemon GO still raking in about $70 million every month, and with the game recently reaching its highest number of players since its summer 2016 peak, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. While it’s possible that Pokemon GO will completely drop off the map and Niantic won’t have the chance to release the legendary Pokemon listed here, it seems unlikely.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how these legendary Pokemon are caught in the game. Many of them will likely be featured in raids, but it’s possible that others will be featured as Field Research rewards instead. Another possibility is that some of these legendary Pokemon will be used in Special Research quests, like we saw with the mythical Pokemon Mew.

Anything is possible when it comes to the future legendary Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO, but one thing is for certain, and that is many more are on the way.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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