Pokemon GO: August Research Breakthrough Rewards | Gaming

Pokemon GO’s August Field Research is set to focus on Electric-themed challenges and Johto-region creatures. The quests are scheduled to rotate on the first of the month and, at that point, trainers will also be able to claim their first Pokemon GO August Research Breakthrough and start a new month of special encounters.

In August, Pokemon GO players will be able to secure special encounters with Raikou every time they receive seven Field Research stamps. Many players were disappointed at the start of July, since Snorlax was the first non-Legendary reward; but the meta-relevant Raikou is getting a much more positive reaction.

Niantic confirmed the August Research Breakthrough reward both on social media and with an in-game notification…

Raikou is a very strong Pokemon in the PoGO metagame and is a strong addition to many Battle Raid lineups. Even though many players already caught this electric-Type at the end of last summer, the chance to get extra candy and maybe a higher IV spawn is definitely appealing.

The return to a Legendary Research Breakthrough is also good news for rural players who were counting on the monthly rewards to help them complete their Pokedex entries without participating in many Legendary Battle Raids.

We’ll be sure to post a full list of the August Field Research tasks as soon as the community has discovered all of them, so check back for that in a week or so. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.