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Yesterday, a datamine by the well-known Chrales revealed a new Pokemon that would be coming to Pokemon GO. It was in the game files as the mysterious Pokemon #891 and Kecleon, but it certainly wasn’t the green gen-3 Pokemon. With a Ditto-like body and nut for a head, the recently Internet-nicknamed “Dittonut” began in the mobile ARG shortly after the conclusion of Chikorita Community Day in Australia.

However, it appears this potential gen-8 tease cannot be caught. When the aforementioned event ended, the Pokemon began appearing on the nearby radar, but when players attempted to catch it, it would turn into either a ditto or Chikorita. Of course, if it can’t be registered to the Pokedex, many are likely wondering if this was a mistake on Niantic’s part or an intentional tease for Pokemon GO.

More than that, though, Kecleon has also begun to appear, sometimes in place of the mysterious Dittonut. The issue is that the gen-3 Pokemon has yet to appear in the game, and like Pokemon #891, it turns into Ditto or Chikorita. Kecleon would make this seem more like a mistake, but nevertheless, this situation has thrown players for a loop. Check out Dittonut below:

It’s worth mentioning, however, that Pokemon GO Global Marketing Lead Kento Suga (seen below) has tweeted about the now-infamous Dittonut, so it’s really unclear what’s going on. It’s possible this is a tease for the Core RPG set to launch in 2019, and it’s important to note this is Pokemon #891. For context, the latest Pokemon introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was #807, so it seems likely that the 2019 title pushes it well over 900.

Hopefully, more is revealed soon, as the mobile ARG has definitely caught the attention of its players. If this leads into a gen 8 reveal or gen 3 addition to Pokemon GO, many may always remember Dittonut – until properly named – as the Pokemon that did it all.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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