Pokemon GO: How To Catch & Evolve Litleo

GO includes Pokemon to capture from all generations and more with each new special event. Those looking for a dual Fire Type will have a variety to choose from. One such Pokemon is Pyroar, the Royal Pokemon. However, Pyroar can only be added to the team in Pokemon GO through Litleo.

The Litleo line has a unique typing. As a Normal/Fire Dual Type, they’re immune to Ghost Type attacks but gain a weakness to Fighting Type that single Fire Type Pokemon do not have. In Pokemon GO, Litleo’s IVs are higher in Attack and Stamina with a max CP of 1611. With Pyroar, its max CP is 3129 and it eventually gains access to the 11.96 DPS move, Overheat. As Fire Types, both Litleo and Pyroar are given a little boost in Sunny Weather.

Catching Litleo

Litleo made its debut on December 2nd, 2020 in the Kalos Celebration Event. Players were able to capture this Pokemon through Raids, but with the event come and gone, they are left searching for Litleo in the wild. Although it has a rate of 40% and a flee rate of 10%, the most difficult part about getting Litleo is finding it. Players can make it easier on themselves by searching areas where Fire Types are more common. These include residential neighborhoods or cities.

To help increase the chance of a Litleo appearing, trainers should consider searching for Litleo while the weather is sunny. The Lion Cub Pokemon will have to contend with other Fire Types as well as Grass and Ground Types, but its appearance rate will be higher than searching for it in rainy or cloudy weather. Trainers should consider throwing Pinap Berries when capturing Litleo to increase Candies, which are vital to evolution.

Hatching a Litleo Egg

Trainers who can’t find Litleo in the wild can try to hatch one from a 2km Egg. Obtaining Eggs can be faster than searching for the Pokemon out in the wild. At PokeStops, trainers have the option of obtaining up to 9 Eggs. Luckily, 2km Eggs will be quicker to hatch than a 10km Egg, and Litleo are from 2km Eggs only.

To hatch one, players will need to use the Egg Incubator and walk the set distance to hatch it. Bear in mind that purchasable Egg Incubators can only be used 3 times.

Evolving Litleo

Some Pokemon have physical gender differences. On one hand, Litleo lacks outward gender differences compared to a female and male Pikachu or a female and male Wooper. On the other hand, a Pokemon’s gender is indicated by the blue (male) or pink (female) symbol next to its health bar in Pokemon GO.

Trainers hoping to get a male Pyroar will have to be a little more patient. Litleo comes with an uneven gender ratio, being 12.5% Male and 87.5% Female. This is a reference to real-life lion prides, which are predominantly female with few males. It should be noted there are no stat differences between the male and female Pyroar. Thus, if the player doesn’t care for the appearance of the Pyroar, then they can continue with evolution.

As with the Pokemon GO tradition, Pokemon evolution is achieved through feeding Pokemon candies. While some Pokemon have extra steps, Litleo needs only 50 Litleo Candy to evolve into Pyroar. Candy can be obtained by capturing more Litleo, or players can instead use Rare Candy if they have some available.

If trainers want a Fire Type that’s immune to Ghost Type, then Litleo is worth capturing. The time it takes to add one to the team will vary per person. However, if a trainer is serious enough, they can make Pyroar a powerful addition to the team with the right moveset.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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