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Not too long ago, a game file datamine of the developer Niantic’s wildly popular mobile augmented reality game Pokemon GO revealed that Hydro Cannon had been added to the title, which seemingly confirms rumors swirling among the ARG’s fan base that Squirtle will be the main focus of the next Community Day. Now, information has surfaced from the same datamine to reveal that Niantic will be adding new badges to the title at some point in the future.

As seen in the images below, it appears as if Niantic will be bringing four new badges into Pokemon GO, with the badges focusing on trading and friendship activities, as well as awarding participants of the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. As of now, though, there’s no telling when the badges will be added into the augmented reality game, but it’s possible that they could come within the week.





When it comes to the first badge, it involves Trading Distance, while the second badge will be given to those who have hitting a certain number of completed trades in Pokemon GO. The third golden badge is presumably linked to the number of leveled up friendships one accrues throughout their journey of being a PoGO Trainer, while the final one is the badge given to those participating in person at Pokemon GO Fest 2018.

Niantic recently announced that a Trading feature is coming to Pokemon GO, hence the arrival of two new golden badges signifying accomplishments for using the feature in the augmented reality game. Without a doubt, Trainers will want to learn how Trading works in the ARG as soon as possible in order to snag these fresh awards coming to the title at some point in the future.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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