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With Pokemon GO‘s next day event set to take place this weekend, fans of the mobile ARG are likely preparing for the special in-game event. Now, they have another reason to get ready for community day, as it has been revealed that ’s special move is Last Resort, which every Eevee caught will automatically know.

Members of the community who have partaken in previous Community events may note this is the first time something like this has happened, as previous exclusive moves were obtained by evolving the featured Pokemon into its final form. Of course, this isn’t the only thing peculiar about this Pokemon GO event, since it is also taking place across two days. It takes place on Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 from 11 AM to 2 PM PST.

Last Resort is a NORMAL two-bar charge move, but its stats are currently unknown. The Game Master file has yet to be updated with this information, and it is also unknown how this special move will operate with Eevee’s numerous evolved forms. More than that, though, this event will also feature three-hour long lure modules, triple stardust, and a special Community Day box in the shop.

It’s worth mentioning one of the biggest rumors surrounding this event is the possible introduction of Glaceon and Leafeon, which would explain the decision to make the single-day event last a whole weekend. Of course, this rumor wouldn’t explain why Niantic has decided to offer the exclusive move in such an unusual manner, but fingers remained cross that this event kick starts Gen 4 in Pokemon GO. 

Even if it doesn’t, it’s not the only gen 4 rumor floating around out there, as there is also supposed to be a Gen 4 evolution event that focuses on the current in-game pokemon which have Gen 4 evolutions. This leak comes from the same source that accurately predicted the Waster Festival, so it seems possible. As more Gen 4 and Eevee Community Day news begins to develop, check back here. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

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