Pokemon GO Fans Upset After Broken Shiny Carvanha Spawn Rate

Pokemon GO’s second Incense Day proves disappointing to many players hoping to get a shiny , due to a possible glitch.

The most recent Incense Day event in Pokemon GO was a disappointment for many trainers hoping to catch a shiny Carvanha. The game seems to have experienced a glitch that stopped many trainers from getting their hands on one of the coveted Pokemon, and people aren’t happy.

Pokemon are a rare and hotly sought after catch in the game, and many players were understandably excited to have a chance to catch one during the Incense Day event. The event was supposed to boost the shiny encounter rates for Carvanha. But the shiny boosts may not have happened at all due to a possible glitch in Pokemon GO.

Players in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan are reporting that they played for the majority or even the entirety of the six-hour event, and didn’t get a shiny Carvanha. Some did end up catching one, but after they’d been playing for a long time. User wmod_ commented: “4 hours into this, playing all the time with manual refresh. No shiny so far. Probably the worst [Pokemon GO] event ever for me..” Some players even bought Incense in the game shop for the event, meaning they wasted time and potentially real-life money.

There’s some debate over whether the shiny encounter rates did improve at the end of the event. However, the majority of comments seem to conclude that the supposed glitch was fixed near the end of the event. Although some trainers did get lucky enough to get their hands on a shiny Carvanha, they were still disappointed to have to play for nearly six hours to get one. The drop rates should have been more spread out so that yes, people would be rewarded for playing longer, but no one would have to sink six hours into one Pokemon, even when playing from the safety of their homes.

Unlike some other game developers, Niantic is allegedly not so sympathetic or responsive to players’ complaints. Whether that claim is true or not, Niantic has not responded to the shiny Carvanha drop rate issue as of yet, and it hasn’t confirmed whether it was indeed a glitch. Many Reddit users in the issue thread even threatened to quit the game entirely because this appears to be another drop in the bucket of glitches and disappointments for them.

However, some people responded to the complaints by saying people shouldn’t feel entitled to a shiny, and that it’s simply the luck of the draw whether one gets to catch such a rare Pokemon. And the recent implementation of weekly 1 Pokemon Bundles in the shop means that many players got their Incense for cheap, and didn’t lose out on a lot of in-game currency on Incense Day. Hopefully Niantic does respond to or address the issue, and prevents this from happening in the future.

Pokemon GO is available to play now in select regions on Android and iOS.

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