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At 11am PT, Pokemon GO will officially kick off Moltres Day in the game, giving players a three hour window to fight as many Moltres as possible in exchange for XP, stardust, and the chance at catching a shiny Moltres. Moltres will no doubt be one of the most sought-after shiny Pokemon in the game considering how rare it is, and here is how players can add it to their collection.

To catch shiny Moltres in Pokemon GO, players will want to make sure they participate in today’s raids. There is a 10% chance that shiny Moltres will appear in any given raid battle, so players will want to do as many raids as possible to maximize the possibility of adding the legendary bird’s shiny variant to their collection. It’s worth pointing out that shiny Moltres is only available through raid battles, so anyone hoping to get one from future Field Research breakthrough rewards will be out of luck.

Alternatively, if players fail to catch a shiny Moltres during today’s Moltres Day event in Pokemon GO, there is another method to get their hands on one. Since Niantic added Pokemon trading to Pokemon GO, it is now possible to trade Pokemon with others, meaning if players find someone generous enough, they could get a shiny Moltres through trading instead.

pokemon go moltres first spawn

In the future, it’s possible that Niantic will add other ways to get shiny Moltres in Pokemon GO, but for now, the best bet is to fight in as many raids today as possible. Like we saw with the Articuno and Zapdos Days, players will get five free raid passes from spinning gyms, so even those who don’t have a large collection of premium raid passes should still be able to participate in at least five legendary raids today.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if Niantic hosts similar events for other legendary Pokemon. So far, the company has only held special days for the legendary birds, but it’s possible second- and third-generation legendary Pokemon will have their time in the spotlight at some point as well.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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