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Pokemon GO is a resource management game in a lot of ways. Although Stardust definitely gets the most attention and discussion, Candy is also a crucial element to success in the game. In order to get the most Candy from every trade interaction, trainers will want to carefully consider each exchange.

Before the trading feature was introduced in Pokemon GO, players only had one option for getting rid of a Pokemon they didn’t need: transfer it to the professor for 1 Candy. That still works fine if the trainer isn’t worried about gaining more candy for that specific species, but there’s a much higher value way to transfer for those who are interested.

Thanks to the bonuses associated with distance training, players are able to each up to 4 Candy, instead of the one they would get from a regular Transfer. Here’s how to pull this off…

The Facts

Transferring = Pokemon 1 Candy
Trading a Pokemon Locally = 1 Candy
Local Trade + Transfer = 2 Candy
Long Distance Trade 3 = Candy
Long Distance Trade + Transfer = 4 Candy

Pokemon GO trading Special Trade friend discount

The best method to ensure an exchange gets the highest value is to put those duplicate Alolan hatches to use. Because Gifts can be sent from friends who are far away, it’s very likely that many Alolan Eggs will offer up a Pokemon who qualifies for the distance bonus Candy.

Example Trade

In order to get the full four candy, players will need to find another trainer who has the same Pokemon up for trade and perform two trades. In the first trade, Player A trades a Larvitar to Player B for a long distance Alolan Meowth. That earns Player A 3 Larvitar Candy. In the second trade, Player A trades a long distance Alolan Meowth to Player B for a different Larvitar.

If the Larvitar received after the second trade has great IVs, then Player A can keep it. If not, then Player A can transfer it for the fourth candy. The same goes for Player B, who also has the potential to gain 4 Larvitar Candy in this exchange.

That’s all there is to it! It takes a bit of work, but that extra Candy can go a long way when trainers are trying to power up a Pokemon or reach a new evolution.

Until next time, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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