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In July 2016, Pokemon GO was first released to the world. The game has since been played by over half a billion people and became the fastest mobile game to reach $1 billion in revenue. As such, developer Niantic has plenty of reasons to celebrate and the company is bringing fans in on the fun with the annual Pokemon GO anniversary event.

For the second anniversary of Pokemon GO‘s launch, Niantic will be releasing a brand new variation of Pikachu. Called Summer Style Pikachu, this new version of the character dons an adorable straw hat and a pair of very cool sunglasses. That’s not the only way that Niantic is commemorating the event though, as Niantic says that the Pikachu Fan Avatar items will be available too.

Images of the Pikachu Fan Avatar items (both the male and female variations) are pictured in the tweets below. Male characters will be able to put on a pair of black pants with Pikachu and a Poke Ball hanging off of the pocket, a pair of Pikachu ears, some yellow Converse, and a t-shirt with Pikachu emblazoned on it. Meanwhile, Pokemon GO female characters get a long sleeved shirt with Pikachu on it, a pair of black shorts with a Pikachu and Poke Ball keychain, yellow converse, and some Pikachu ears.

However, the items will only be available to those who have collected a gold Pikachu fan medal. The medal is unlocked by players who have caught 300 Pikachu. Unfortunately, Pikachu is classed as a very rare Pokemon meaning that it will take some effort to reach that number if players are starting their Pikachu-collection quest from the very start.

It’s important to note that Niantic has increased spawns of Pikachu and Pichu as part of this anniversary event. Moreover, under the dynamic weather system introduced to the game last year, Electric-type Pokemon such as Pikachu are more likely to spawn in rainy weather. Rainy weather is going to be hard to come by during the summer month of July, but it’s something to consider nonetheless.

The second-anniversary event just gives Pokemon GO players another way to entertain themselves during what is already a jam-packed month for the game. In addition to the anniversary celebrations, Niantic is also preparing to host the second Pokemon GO Fest. There’s no telling what that event may hold but given that last year’s event heralded the arrival of legendary Pokemon, so there could be big plans on the cards.

Additionally, Niantic has continued to tease the arrival of Special Research quests that allow players to capture the mythical Pokemon Celebi. Meanwhile, the new trading gameplay features and the friendship levels are keeping players busy. Combined, that’s an awful lot of things for players to do and plenty of unlocks to work towards. The arrival of Summer Style Pikachu just going to be seen as the cherry on top.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Niantic

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