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Tomorrow at 11am PT, Community will start for Pokemon GO enthusiasts around the world. For a three hour window, the second generation grass-type starter Pokemon will spawn everywhere, and players will have a good chance at adding its shiny variant to their collection. However, there is something else Pokemon GO players should keep in when they participate in tomorrow’s Chikorita Community Day activities.

Currently, many Pokemon GO players are attempting to complete the Celebi Special Research quest, and there are a few objectives in particular that can easily be completed during Chikorita Community Day. The first is part of the second page of challenges, and tasks players with evolving an evolved grass-type Pokemon. During Chikorita Community Day, players should easily be able to amass enough Chikorita candy to get a Bayleef and then evolve it into Meganium, which will satisfy the requirements of the objective.

Some players may be well past the second page of challenges for the Celebi Special Research quest, and could be on steps 6 or 7. For the sixth page of challenges, players have to catch 25 Pokemon while using Pinap Berries, and the greatly increased spawn rate of Chikorita during the event should make completing this step rather easy.

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, the third objective that Pokemon GO players can easily complete during Chikorita Community Day is on the seventh page of objectives and it is to catch 40 psychic- or grass-type Pokemon. Since Chikorita is a grass-type and there will be countless Chikorita available tomorrow, players should be able to complete this otherwise challenging objective with ease.

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Beyond Celebi Special Research, Chikorita Community Day presents other opportunities for Pokemon GO players as well. Mainly, it will help anyone who has yet to add Chikorita’s evolutionary line to their collection complete their Pokedex. It will also give players opportunities to meet with others to take on raid battles, like the ongoing Mewtwo legendary raids, as well as catch more shiny Pokemon.

There will be plenty for Pokemon GO players to do during Chikorita Community Day tomorrow, and so anyone serious about the game should be sure not to miss any of the action. Chikorita Community Day begins tomorrow, September 22, at 11am PT.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and mobile devices.

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