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This week has already seen one embarrassing GO leak from developer Niantic. Plans for the game’s upcoming community day event and which Pokemon it would focus on were revealed prematurely when fans uncovered some Niantic assets. But while this leak was relatively small and many had expected another community day event, the latest Pokemon GO leak is humungous by comparison.

The latest leak comes from famed Pokemon GO dataminer Chrales who appears to have found evidence that a new Pokemon is about to be added to the game. The datamined files make reference to a Pokemon called “Kecleon” though it is also referred to as “Pokemon #891” in the unity files. Datamined images of the Pokemon suggest that it has a body like Ditto (but grey) and has a golden nut shape for a head with a dot in the middle that resembles an eye. As such, the Pokemon community has already nicknamed the creature “Dittonut”.

Chrales also managed to uncover some animations of the mysterious new Pokemon. In the Twitch clip embedded below, viewers can see Kecleon/Dittonut gently swaying from side to side on the Pokemon GO buddy screen. Chrales rotates the character model in the video as well, highlighting its wiggly, red tail.

Unsurprisingly, the datamined files have sent the Pokemon community into a tailspin. While there are some who have their doubts, most fans seem to agree that this really is evidence of a new Pokemon and that it isn’t just a fluke. For starters, the character models datamined by Chrales also include a shiny version which turns Kecleon nut-shaped head into a soft bronze color instead of its normal gold. While one model may be an accident or even a placeholder, a second character model of a shiny Pokemon would suggest that it’s eventually going to be added to the game.

Moreover, if this Pokemon is labeled as #891 in the Pokedex, that would put it far ahead of the existing Pokemon Generations, including Gen 7. This again suggests that this is more than some sort of experiment

There’s also the fact that upcoming Pokemon RPGs, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, are confirmed to include new Pokemon for the franchise. Kecleon may well be one of these new, collectible creatures and Niantic is just getting ahead of the curve before those games release on the Nintendo Switch in November. If that is indeed the developer’s plan, then fans won’t have very long to wait until they are formally introduced to this new Pokemon, shiny version, moveset, strengths, weakness and all.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices.

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