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Some time ago, Pokemon GO introduced events that feature boosted spawn rates and other unique happenings for a selected region. The next Safari will be centered around the Tainan Metropolitan Park in Taiwan, but players will be able to reap the benefits of the from anywhere in the city, including an opportunity to catch a brand new Pokemon.

From November 1st through November 5th of this year, Taiwanese Pokemon GO players can look forward to the opportunity to catch a Shiny Pinsir as part of the upcoming Safari Zone event. The rare Shiny Pinsir has a blue shell instead of its usual brown exterior, and while it will appear around the world for other trainers as well, the Safari Zone event in Tainan, Taiwan, will have a significantly higher appearance rate.

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In addition to having an increased chance of catching this sought-after Shiny Pansir, players will also have opportunities to catch Relicanth, which is a regional-exclusive Pokemon that is not usually found in Taiwan, as well as Unown, which is one of the more elusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO. A promotional image for the event also suggests that the Dragon-Type Pokemon, Bagon, will also have a boosted spawn rate during the Safari Zone event.

The Safari Zone events in the past proved to be very successful for Pokemon GO as they drew high crowds with increased PokeStops packed into a small area. Hopefully, the Safari Zone event in Taiwan will turn out to be just as successful, and we hope that, in future, Pokemon GO will host more of these events so that fans all over the world are able to participate.

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Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

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