Pokemon GO Tells Player to Play Outside During Tornado Warning

There’s no denying that Pokemon GO has been an internet phenomenon ever since its debut back in 2016. From massive raids and special events to giant community gatherings, the game has transformed from a simple mobile adaptation of the popular franchise into one of the most popular apps in the world. However, it appears even with the level of polish the game needs to exist in such a popular space, it still makes a few big mistakes.

One such error can be seen through a viral Reddit post showing how the Pokemon GO app advised a user to prioritize their growing career as a Pokemon trainer over their own personal safety. The image shown on the post is of the player’s phone lock screen, where a severe weather warning notified the user that a dangerous was heading their way and they should find shelter. However, above this cautionary warning, the Pokemon GO app advises the very opposite, posing the player the question, “why not step outside for a bit?”

As funny as it may be to imagine that Pokemon GO has a sinister second side to it that fans have never seen, this is clearly just a hilarious example of the app’s daily notification system appearing at the most inopportune moment. This isn’t the first time the game’s inbuilt systems have derived popular internet humor either, with the game’s AR buddy system, in particular, leading to a ton of hilarious pictures that have made waves on the internet.

A number of other Reddit users have even posted their own hilarious responses to the situation, one claiming that it “might be a rare Pokemon causing the storm,” while another jokingly suggests that this is actually a new mode known as “Pokemon GO, permadeath addition.” Evidently, the situation has already become the source of a lot of laughs online, with the post quickly gaining 11,000 upvotes and a stream of hilarious comments.

Jokes aside, there’s actually a lot of reasons to jump into Pokemon GO in 2020. For one, a major Valentine’s Day event is taking place between now and February 17, with the event providing a higher chance of pink Pokemon appearing in the game during that time and both the Audino and Alomomola Pokemon being introduced to the title. Two new shiny Pokemon in Happiny and Chansey will be coming to the game too, as well as double the candy being given for each catch. Although, perhaps players should try to enjoy the event when there’s not a giant tornado on their front porch.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.


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