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One of the defining features of Pokemon Quest is that players have to cook recipes to attract Pokemon to their base camp, as opposed to going out and catching Pokemon with Pokeballs. This strange method of capturing Pokemon applies not only to regular Pokemon, but legendary and mythical Pokemon as well. As one might imagine, the recipe players need to cook to attract legendary Pokemon requires a very rare ingredient.

The key ingredient to cooking Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube in Pokemon Quest, which players need to make in order to attract legendary Pokemon, requires Mystical Shells. Mystical Shells are the rarest ingredient in Pokemon Quest, with it being virtually impossible to obtain them in the early stages of the game. So before players should even worry about getting their hands on them, they will want to progress to at least level 12-1 in Pokemon Quest.

From level 12-1 and beyond, players have a chance of encountering a legendary Pokemon in battle while out on expeditions. Upon defeating this legendary Pokemon, it will likely drop a Mystical Shell, which players can then use in recipes to attract legendary and mythical Pokemon to their base camp. Since Mystical Shells basically only drop from legendary Pokemon battles, players will want to farm expeditions 12-1 and beyond to get their hands on them.

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Farming for Mystical Shells will be a rather time-consuming process for Pokemon Quest players, but on the bright side, they can keep cooking recipes to attract different Pokemon to their base camp while they do it. Players who are willing to pay money to get more cooking pots can maximize their Pokemon-attracting potential, and could very well fill out most of their Pokedex while they’re in the process of farming for Mystical Shells.

Attracting each Pokemon to base camp in Pokemon Quest requires players to cook a specific recipe in the game. As long as players know which recipes to cook, they should be able to attract all 151 Pokemon to their base camp without too much of a headache. Of course, getting all the ingredients, like the rare Mystical Shells, may make it a long process.

Pokemon Quest is out now for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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