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About a month ago, Nintendo decided to announce Pokemon Quest and make it available on Nintendo Switch on the same day, with the title then coming out for Android and iOS devices two weeks after on June 28, 2018. As it so happens, the Big N only needed the free-to- title to be on mobile platforms for a short amount of time before generating huge sums of money, as the game’s first week on Android and iOS generated over $3 million in revenue.

According to the mobile market economy analyst firm known as Sensor Tower, Pokemon Quest‘s first week in mobile revenue saw iOS players as the source of more than half of the revenue overall. What’s more is that Sensor Tower reported that Japanese players have spent the most in-game, which accounts for 31% of spending, while US players have contributed 25%, with South Korea coming up next at 12%.


For those gamers who have been out of the loop lately, Pokemon Quest is somewhat different from the rest of the titles in the long-running franchise. For instance, in order to attract Pokemon, players have to cook recipes for them. Speaking of which, should one want to become attract as many as possible, here are all the recipes, as well as some of the ways one can prepare them in order to lure all 151 original Pokemon to their base camp in the game.

Taking all of this into consideration, while Pokemon Quest and the recently revealed Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee titles may not be the core entries that more diehard fans crave, the success of the former in its first week on mobile is definitely a sign that the brand itself is still a force to be reckoned with. So, it will be interesting to see exactly how much more revenue Pokemon Quest will be able to generate in the coming weeks and months.

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Pokemon Quest is out now for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Sensor Tower

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