Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Has Ironic Shiny Encounter

While some fans spend hours upon hours searching for Shiny Pokemon, one Sword and player has a rather Shiny encounter.

Ever since their introduction in 1999’s Pokemon Gold and Silver on the Game Boy Color, fans have marveled at Shiny Pokemon in all forms of the franchise, from the video games, to the TCG, to the anime. In almost every Pokemon game, including many spinoff titles, there is a way to obtain these differently-colored monsters, and fans have gone out of their way for years to devise the easiest ways to encounter the rare Pokemon.

In  and Shield, many try to increase their Shiny chances by breeding Pokemon in specific ways, completing the Pokedex to obtain the odds-increasing Shiny Charm Item, or setting out on Max Raid Adventures on the search for Shiny Legendary Pokemon. But it seems that sometimes, luck will find players on its own, as it did for one Sword and Shield player who had a rather ironic Shiny Pokemon encounter.

Over on Reddit, user GreyRose posted a clip of themselves exploring the Isle of Armor’s Loop Lagoon area. While many players spend hours upon hours hunting for rare Shiny Pokemon, it seems that this Shiny Pokemon was hunting for GreyRose instead, as while the player was attempting to escape a wild Zoroark, it managed to chase them down, then revealing itself to be Shiny.

While Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! show players whether a Pokemon will be Shiny in the overworld, players won’t know if a monster is Shiny until they encounter in battle in Sword and Shield. While some Pokemon stand idly by or even run away from player as they explore certain areas, other more aggressive monsters will actually go out of their way to chase players down, forcefully starting a wild encounter. In the replies to the Reddit post, fans marveled at how they tables had seemingly turned on this lucky player.

For other fans’ peace of mind, user GreyRose did confirm that they were able to capture the Shiny Zoroark. It seems that fans have gotten particularly lucky when hunting Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield, including one who encountered a 1 in 102,400 Shiny Oranguru with perfect stats in the Crown Tundra’s Dynamax Adventures mode.

While no new mainline Pokemon games were released in 2020, the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC expansions added older Pokemon from past generations, new areas to explore, and even some brand-new monsters to the game as well. While fans currently enjoy Sword and Shield, they look forward to the 4th generation remakes Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl later this year.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are currently available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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