Pokemon Unite Studio Making New Metal Slug Game

Metal , the side-scrolling 2D shooter franchise, is coming back in a big way in 2020. Not only is SNK working on a new Metal Slug title for release this year, but now an entirely new game named Metal Slug Code: J has been announced for mobile devices. More information about Metal Slug Code: J‘s release should be coming soon.

Metal Slug Code: J is being developed by Tencent subsidiary TiMi Studios. The Chinese studio is a workhorse for mobile games, putting out 12 games over the past years. Its library of releases includes Arena of Valor, Contra: Return, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Army Attack, and most recently Call of Duty: Mobile. And as exciting as a new Metal Slug game is, it’s not even TiMi’s most anticipated release; TiMi is also working on Pokemon Unite.

This won’t be the first Metal Slug game built for mobile devices, of course. Metal Slug Touch was released on iOS in 2009, though it was removed from the storefront just three years later. Since then there’s been both Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, both tower defense games. Metal Slug Code: J will mark the first traditional Metal Slug shooter on mobile devices in a decade.

Between Metal Slug Code: J and the unnamed Metal Slug console game planned for 2020, there’s a lot to look forward to for fans of the franchise. It has been years since the last great Metal Slug game was put out and fans who recall the franchise fondly are hungry for more. Hopefully, SNK and TiMi deliver.

Metal Slug Code: J is in development for mobile devices.

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