Project Cars 3 Gets New Trailer and Details

Slightly Mad Studios details all of the new features coming to Project Cars 3, including a Career Mode and new car customization options.

With a ton of game announcements likely coming over the next week and month, Bandai Namco took the liberty to get ahead of the pack and drop some new information about Project Cars 3. To start, Bandai Namco confirmed that Project Cars 3 will be arriving sooner than expected. Project Cars 3 drops on PC and consoles this summer. And judging from the early information about the game, it’s looking to be the biggest titles in the racing franchise yet.

According to Bandai Namco, Project Cars 3 will feature over 200 different branded and race cars. For comparison, Project Cars 2 features 189 different cars to choose from. Project Cars 3 will also feature over 140 global circuits  to race through, each supporting day and night cycles, weather effects, and season changes for spring, summer, winter, and fall. For comparison, Project Cars 2 had 140 track locations at 60 different locations.

Project Cars 3 will also add a major new game mode for players. Career mode has players establishing their own stable for the very first time. Raicing will allow players to upgrade their cars with authentic parts that realistically affect the car’s overall performance. It’s hopefully exactly what Project Cars fans have been asking for.

Slightly Mad Studios will also be bringing a new level of car customization to the franchise with Project Cars 3. Players will be able to customize their cars’  wheels, tires, rims, and more. Players will also be able to create their own “racing hero persona” beyond the cars, hopefully bringing players into the game in a way that wasn’t previously available.

The last new feature area that Slightly Mad focuses on in its latest reveal is accessibility. Examples of how Project Cars 3 will be more accessible than previous games include redeveloping controls, a new “First Time Player Experience,”  and more. Slightly Mad understands that attracting new players has been a challenge for Project Cars in the past, so it wants to do more to help people get into the game.

Beyond new features, Slightly Mad is also improving the gaming experience as it’s able. It says that it’s working on AI, crash effects, and more focused details that make the driving experience in Project Cars 3 feel more realistic.  Slightly Mad wants Project Cars 3 to be the best racing simulation game of the year and it’s hoping racing fans give it the chance to prove itself.

Project Cars 3 releases summer 2020 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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