PS5, Next-Gen Xbox Will Be More Powerful Than Google Stadia

At GDC 2019, Google confirmed the Google Stadia specs which at 10.7 teraflops, which makes the game streaming technology more than the PS4 Pro and One X put together. However, while Stadia can easily beat this generation of consoles, new comments suggest that next-generation systems will outpace it.

In a new interview, Frederik Schreiber, the vice president of Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms, said that Google Stadia “isn’t relevant at this point.” Schreiber also said that the and the next-generation Xbox will have better specs than Stadia “by far.” The 3D Realms developer revealed that the team expects the next-generation of consoles to be “easier to develop for” and they will provide a “much needed overall boost in performance.”

This isn’t the first time that someone has suggested the next generation of consoles will be more powerful than the Stadia streaming technology. One report confirmed that Sony and Microsoft are “aiming higher” than Google Stadia‘s confirmed specs for its own systems.

Google has been heavily promoting the capabilities of its game streaming software, having stated that it could support 1,000-player battle royale games. If Stadia can offer games of that magnitude and the PS5 and the next-generation Xbox are going to be able to offer more, that means that consoles players could be playing some huge and ambitious games in the next-generation.

The suggestion that the next generation of consoles will be incredibly powerful also supports the idea that the next-gen Xbox and PS5 could be expensive. Analysts have speculated about price points, saying that they could sell for upwards of $400. A console at that cost may seem wild to some, but if the specs are that strong, plenty will still be willing to pay for it.

With so many rumors about the specs of the PS5 and the next Xbox, fans will be wondering when Sony and Microsoft are going to officially confirm the power of the consoles. Sony has already teased the PS5’s power, saying that the PS5 can load Spider-Man 15 times faster than the PS4. Microsoft has also hinted that a big reveal is coming during its E3 2019 press conference, with some wondering if it will officially announce the next Xbox there. With all these teasers and hints, fans want some more concrete information about the PS5 and next-gen Xbox, but whether that will come soon is unclear.

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