PUBG: How to Unlock Horizon Zero Dawn’s Free Skins on PS4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Sony are partnering to bring a special gift to battle royale fans playing on PlayStation 4. Starting soon, PUBG players will be able to earn an exclusive set of based on Guerilla Games’ exclusive Zero Dawn. The skins will be exclusive to the PS4 version of PUBG and while they’re entirely free, they do ask players to accomplish certain challenges during the limited time event. The Horizon Zero Dawn event will start on March 4 and last a month, so there’s no need for players to rush.
There are four different free Horizon Zero Dawn skins for players to  in PUBG including a hooded Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Top, a Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Mask, a Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Kar98k, and also a Horizon Zero Dawn Pan featuring a symbol over a silver design. Each individual skin is earned separately during the event; the skins aren’t bundled into one package.

The Horizon Zero Dawn event in PUBG starts March 4 and ends on April 5. Expect more information on the event to be delivered closer to its launch. But in the meantime, here’s how players can acquire each individual skin once the event begins.

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Top

The Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Top will be the simplest skin for players to acquire and is likely to become a common site in-game in the weeks ahead. All players need to do to acquire this skin, which fits into the torso/upper body slot, is log into PUBG once the event begins. Every player that logs into PUBG on PS4 starting March 4 will get this skin for free with no hassle required.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Mask

Unlocking the Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Mask requires players to a total of 10 during the event period. There doesn’t appear to be any requirements with regards to what map is played and placement isn’t noted. Just participate during the event and earn a free mask.

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Kar98k

Players can unlock the Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Kar98, which has yellow symbols painted along its wooden , for 8,000 BP. For those who don’t have the BP to spend, it’s just a matter of playing PUBG and finding as much success as you can.

pubg horizon zero dawn skins

Horizon Zero Dawn Pan

To unlock the Horizon Zero Dawn pan skin in PUBG, players must kill 10 individual opponents (team kills don’t count) with the crossbow weapon. It’s a nod to the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn‘s trusty bow, or at least as best as PUBG can manage.

And that’s all PS4 PUBG players need to know. Three of the four skins can be earned by logging in and playing regularly during the event. Only the pan skin asks players to do something specific – in this case, use the crossbow to get kills. Compared to most of PUBG‘s challenges, earning the Horizon Zero Dawn skins should be a cakewalk.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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