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While Bluehole Studio is constantly working on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in order to bring fresh content into the title – Mobile recently announced a Mission: Impossible – Fallout crossover event, for instance – the developer also has to deal with such problems as bugs, glitches, network errors, and more. With this being the case, PUBG Corp. and Bluehole Studio recently launched a for the battle royale title that is dedicated to the overall improvement of the game.

Calling it “FIX PUBG”, the website is the start of an initiative that will see Bluehole Studio attempting to tackle all of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ known issues by being more transparent about its operations behind the scenes. For instance, the site contains a roadmap, a fix log, and an FAQ, with the developer promising that it will be “entirely focused” on bug fixes, “fundamental” performance issues, and “long-needed” quality of life improvements.


According to a description of the “FIX PUBG” campaign, PUBG Corp. and Bluehole Studio intend to “share specifics about what we’re working on and the expected time it’ll take to address the issues.” What’s more is that the effort will see the companies dedicating “the vast majority” of its resources to addressing player issues with the game and implementing those suggested improvements over the course of the next three months.

Taking all of this into consideration, one can only hope that the “FIX PUBG” campaign pays off not only for the sake of the battle royale title’s huge player base, but also on behalf of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds itself. While there are certainly a bevy of consistent PUBG players, the fact that the most common phrase heard among its fan base is “fix the game,” does not make the title look good by any stretch of the imagination, and it only creates more opportunities for popular competitors like Epic Games’ Fortnite.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now for Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox One.

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