PUBG Mobile ‘New State’ Pre-Registration are open now!

New State is launched now from the studio, which is published by KRAFTON INC, which is also part of PUBG Corporation. Krafton now announced the new battle royale game which is so much similar to the old version of . Let me tell you how to register for PUBG New State in the play store.

New State also has similar gameplay and graphics to the former PUBG mobile. It also has 100 survivors which face off until only one team or player remains alive. PUBG pre-registration is now live on the Play store. Using this method you can apply for pre-registration of PUBG New State.

The PUBG New State is basically designed by keeping the Year 2051 future age in mind and all things like Cars, Buildings, Drones, Bikes, and Weapons are remastered for PUBG: New State.

How to pre-register for PUBG New State?

PUBG New State is available for pre-registration. If you want to pre-register for PUBG’s new state follow the steps given below.

  1. Android pre-registration does not include China, India, or Vietnam.
  2. Go to the play store using this link.
  3. Click pre-register
  4. Fill in the required info if asked

PUBG New State Available Countries

PUBG New state already available on USA, UK, Canada, and Japan. The list of the countries in which PUBG New State is going to be released is as follows.

PUBG New State Available Countries

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Singapore (Available for Beta)
  5. Russia
  6. Japan
  7. South Korea (Available for Beta)
  8. China (Available for Beta)
  9. India (coming soon)
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