PUBG New State Alpha testing available to US Android users

The developers of , Krafton recently announced the launch of New State. The company had opened up the pre-registration for the sequel which is supposed to launch later this year, in February. The US players are the recipient of the closed alpha testing of the same game. On June 12 the developers revealed more details of the new battle royale.

The players interested in pre-registering for the New State game can do so ahead of the launch of the game. However, there is a downside to it. As of now, the developers of the game have only made the game available in the US where also the alpha testing of the same is taking place currently. Moreover, the alpha testing is only open for Android users; however, the developers have assured that an iOS version of the same will soon hit the market.

Interested players can still sign up for the game ahead of its launch. To do so, they need to go to the official Alpha test website and tap on the “Alpha Test Selection Status” option. Selected players can find a Google Play Store option. Alternatively, selected users would’ve received an email from the developers with the download link.

A new map called Troi has been revealed. As is the case with the introduction of any new map, the map of Troi will also feature multiple new mechanics and features. The 8×8 map includes new locations such as Exhibition Hall, Mall, Police Station, Tram Factory, etc. Exhibition Hall and Mall come with an open roof which is the perfect spot where multiple players can land and engage with the enemy immediately after landing.

The Mall comes with escalators which will help the players move in different directions. Another location called Laboratory comes with a closed enclosure and its central area is covered with bulletproof glass. The Trailer Park location comes with the added bonus of many bunkers. The upcoming days will also witness the launch of various other new locations and maps.

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