Rage 2 Could Be a ‘Different Game’ Six Months After Release

With the Rage 2 release date looming, many excited fans are certain to be dreaming about what id Software and Avalanche Studio’s upcoming first-person shooter will look like at launch. However, while there will undoubtedly be much to see, and kill, come May 14, a recent interview suggests that the Rage 2 experience could change significantly in the months following its release day.

Speaking with GameSpot, id Software Studio Director Tim Willits was asked about any post-launch, in-game events that might alter the Rage 2 open world down the line. Indeed, Willits confirmed that the developers intend to occasionally add activities, via live events, to expand on the world for those that are connected to the internet.

This was probed further, and Willits was asked if these world-expanding activities might turn Rage 2 into a “different game” within six or seven months of its release. Willits’ response was a clear, “Yes, that’s the plan!

With that said, the studio director was quick to mention that players can choose to simply experience the base game offline and avoid these updates entirely. For those that do want to get more out of Rage 2 though, it does sound like id and Avalanche have some substantial post-launch plans for the title, which will be elaborated after release.Willits was also certain to make the distinction that Rage 2 is a “supported game” rather than a “games-as-a-service” title. As such, players can expect updates and additional content for the game, but it will not follow the ongoing model of games like Destiny 2 or The Division 2.

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“It’s honestly the direction that the is moving toward,” Willits said of this approach. He elaborates on this by acknowledging that fans that commit to a game want to see a comparable amount of dedication on the part of the developers, and that id and Avalanche intend to try to commit through this level of post-launch .

This will certainly be an exciting prospect for those that find a lot to love and want to continue to remain engaged with the title, though it may not be as compelling as Rage 2 multiplayer. However, fans that just want to experience the base game should feel confident knowing that they can simply choose to not go any further.

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