Rage 3 Being Planned by Rage 2 Studio Director

2 has only been available for a few days, but id Software studio Tim Willits reveals that he is now planning the sequel. Willits also says that he and the Rage 2 development team want to get to work on the sequel “as soon as possible.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the release of Rage 2, Willits said “I hope so” when asked if more games in the Rage series could be released. Calling the Rage franchise a “fun setting” where the development team can “do what we want,” Willits also revealed that the developers once had a serious conversation about allowing players to ride on giant cockroaches. “It’s a crazy, fun, exciting franchise and I hope we can make a third one as soon as possible,” said the developer.

Whether Rage 2 will get a sequel will be down to the game’s success. Many Rage 2 reviews seem to be mixed on the game, saying that while it is action packed and is fun to play, it also lacks in some areas. A weak story and a boring open-world to explore are two areas that critics have called out.

The game has also been discounted on all platforms. While this doesn’t always mean that a game is selling poorly, it would be strange to discount a game that is selling incredibly well. Publisher Bethesda will be looking at the game’s sales figures before it greenlights Rage 3.

rage 2 review

If Bethesda was to give id Software and Avalanche Studios the go-ahead to make a Rage 2 sequel, then it’s unclear when the team would be able to begin developing it. Willits and the rest of the developers may want to get started on the game as soon as possible, but their resources may not allow them to start development on a new game.

id Software is also working on Doom Eternal, another action packed shooter which is set to release this year. Avalanche Studios’ next game hasn’t been announced, but it isn’t known if the developer would start work on Rage 3 without id Software.

The post launch plans for Rage 2 will also take up many resources. Rage 2 will have world events as well as new content such as weapon skins, more cheat codes, and wasteland challenges, and these will all be released to players for free. There are also plans for premium, paid story expansions. All of these mean that fans will likely be waiting years for Rage 3 to be released.

Rage 2 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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