Rainbow Six Siege Making Changes to Tachanka

Ubisoft releases the patch notes for a new patch headed to the test server that will bring some more changes to defensive operator .

A new patch has been released today to the  test server, containing balance tweaks as well as some quality of life changes. Rainbow Six: Siege‘s new balance tweaks include quite a few changes to Tachanka in particular.

At launch, Tachanka was able to place a light machine gun turret that had a protective shield on the front of it. The turret was easily countered, however, leading to the operator rarely being picked and eventually being reworked to make him more viable. In the rework, Tachanka was made able to carry the same turret around as a primary weapon while also having a Shumikha Grenade Launcher, making him a much more viable Rainbow Six Siege operator.

Tachanka’s balance tweaks come ahead of Rainbow Six Siege‘s upcoming new Operation, targetting both his DP27 machine gun as well as his Shumikha Launcher. The patch improves Tachanka’s DP27 machine gun by reducing not only the time it takes to equip the gun from 0.9s to 0.65s, but also its unequip time from 0.42s to 0.9s. The changes are meant to increase the operator’s maneuverability to help him be more lethal.

The patch also improves his Shumikha Launcher in nearly every way. It increases the launcher’s magazine capacity to 7, the fire duration to 7s, the fire radius to 1.9m, the projectile speed to 30, and the projectile “distance to start drop” to 20m while also reducing the grenade detonation time to 0.75s.

In a blog post discussing the patch notes, the developers say that when Tachanka was originally released with the rework, he was considered overpowered, but he still has not seen as much play as the developers would like. To address this, the developers are aiming to make the character feel more powerful, especially his grenades to encourage their use more frequently. The changes, especially for the Shumikha Launcher, are pretty comprehensive. They Tachanka more viable in Rainbow Six Siege, as the developers try to shake up the game’s meta.

The game has been a dominating force in the competitive shooter market, with a new concurrent Rainbow Six Siege player record being set in March. The developers have continued to update the game with a steady rollout of balance tweaks, new operators, and cosmetics. Hopefully, the new patch can bring Tachanka up to the play numbers that the developers are hoping for so that he gets time to shine in the spotlight for a little while.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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