Rainbow Six Siege’s next season is Operation Neon Dawn

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new of content called Operation Neon , and players will get their hands on a new Operator. Meet Aruni, a Thai defender who uses her unique gadget to block off walls and prevent attacker access.

Aruni's gadget is the Surya Gate, which sets up laser gates on walls, hatches, doors, and windows. The Gate does 40 HP damage and burns drones and projectiles. Attackers need to find alternate paths, or slip their recon drones past the small gap that the Gate leaves in doors. Aruni is also equipped with a P10 RONI or a MK 14 EBR as a primary weapon, and a PRB 92 as her secondary. She's also an Operator with a prosthetic arm and leg due to a mine injury, which sets her apart from the rest of the crowd.

The Skyscraper map has also been reworked. There are fewer balconies, and the ones that remain are relocated. There's also rebalancing and repositioning of other major map elements, including the ability to climb up and get the higher ground.

The test server for Operation Neon will go live on Nov. 9. This update will include new accessibility features, including “voice to text” and “text to voice” options for in-game chat, chat assistance for Narration and Hints, and the ability for players to adjust audio/visual cues and font scaling. Neon Dawn will also launch alongside a new cosmetics bundle called the Sixth Guardian program. The first bundle will be for Doc, and each bundle will donate the proceeds to a different charity; the first charity has yet to be disclosed.

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