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Several weeks ago, community backlash led the video game developer Hi-Rez Studios to tweak the controversial forging change for class weapons made in Realm Royale in order to make things in the battle royale title less RNG-based. With that matter having been settled, it seems as if Hi-Rez is ready to keep forging ahead, as the company has now officially added a dinosaur-themed Primal Awakening Battle Pass for the game.

According to Hi-Rez Studios, the prehistoric loot found in Realm Royale‘s first-ever Battle Pass will give players the chance to unlock Chicken Skins, Mount Skins, Class Skins, Contrails, and even more. Additionally, every game played will earn one Battle Pass experience, with bonus XP being awarded for those who do better than their competitors. What’s more is that there are 65 levels, with each one containing a new reward to unlock.


Without a doubt, Realm Royale‘s Primal Awakening Battle Pass is Hi-Rez Studios’ attempt to better compete with Fortnite, as Epic Games’ hybrid construction shooter is arguably the top dog at the moment when it comes to battle royale releases. After all, even PlayerUnknown‘s Battlegrounds took a page out of Fortnite‘s book not too long ago by announcing its own Event Pass for PUBG players to acquire. Should the feature be alluring to Realm Royale fans, they can unlock the Battle Pass for 950 Crowns, or the Battle Pass XP Bundle for 2750 Crowns.

Taking all of this into consideration, it will be definitely interesting to see if Realm Royale‘s Primal Awakening Battle Pass will manage to draw even more players to the game while also retaining its current user base. And with Hi-Rez Studios being familiar with implementing such in-game elements like the aforementioned Battle Pass – its Overwatch-styled title Paladins contains the feature as well – the developer’s previous experience with the feature could very well help Hi-Rez make it a boon for Realm Royale.

Realm Royale is available now for PC.

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