Red Dead Online: How to Start New Missions

Dead Online has officially exited its beta stage and entered its full launch with the recent massive Red Dead Redemption 2 update. It introduced new story missions that continue the “A Land of Opportunities” questline, new free roam missions, new posse challenges, new dynamic events, a new Showdown mode, a new hostility system, multiplayer poker, and new items such as the Poncho and the LeMat Revolver.

With this massive influx of content, some Red Dead Online material can be confusing to find and start, so here’s how to start the new missions. This includes the new story missions and free roam missions that were introduced as part of the aforementioned update.

Red Dead Online Story

Access to story missions in Red Dead Online is rather straightforward. Players who are just now jumping in will need to complete the tutorial and unlock the free roam map first, but this is simple enough. After that, players will just need to open their map, and they’ll have yellow-marked story missions. These events require players to posse up or matchmake into a closed lobby. No need to worry about griefers during these missions.

These can also be replayed from the game’s menu, but concerning new story missions, players will want to make sure they have completed certain pre-patch story missions. Because of Jessica LeClerk’s role in Red Dead Online’s story missions, players will want to make sure they’ve done the “Kill Them, Each and Every One” to unlock her new “Destroyed by Grief” mission. It’s also worth highlighting that some story missions are influenced by the player’s honor level.

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red dead online story missions

Red Dead Online Free Roam Missions

Free Roam missions are different from the Story Missions in that they take place in the open world of Red Dead Online, meaning interference from other players can happen. These missions are marked by the “Stranger” symbol on the map, and to begin the new Free Roam Missions, players will need to talk to Thomas the Skiff Captain at Bayou Nwa or the Aberdeen Pig Farmers.

It remains to be seen if Red Dead Online proves to be as popular as Online, but since Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best selling games in 2019 so far, new content is likely to bolster its popularity. While this massive update is a big step, developer Rockstar reportedly has plenty prepared for the coming months of Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 are available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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