Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Gives Arthur A Hosea-Themed Makeover

One Red Dead Redemption 2 player manages to customize Arthur Morgan with the clothes of Hosea Matthews, and the resemblance is staggering.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is home to some incredibly well-written and memorable characters. The Van der Linde gang is populated with a large variety of members for players to interact with in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, one player has dressed Arthur Morgan up as one of the most beloved members of the Van der Linde gang, and the results are startlingly accurate.

While playable characters like Arthur Morgan and John Marston have made a strong, emotional impact on a number of players, the newly introduced gang members featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. One of which being Hosea Matthews, one of the earliest members of the Van der Linde gang with a deep connection to Arthur Morgan and Dutch Van der Linde. However, something that a few players may not know is that Arthur can actually be dressed up like Hosea.

A Reddit user by the name of HighGround16 tracked down articles of clothing in-game that most closely resemble Hosea’s main look in the game. While the colors might not be exactly to specifications, the resemblance is quite stunning. Arthur’s wearing the same type of hat as Hosea, the jacket is the same, Arthur even has the same color of neckerchief as Hosea.

In a sort of meta-narrative way, it’s nice to see Arthur dress as Hosea. As evidenced throughout the majority of Red Dead Redemption 2’s narrative, it’s clear that Hosea strongly influenced Arthur Morgan’s upbringing while he was a child, serving as a surrogate father figure, along with Dutch. Thus, it might make sense for Arthur to dress after a man who made such a strong impact on him.

In fact, there are some in the gaming community that think Hosea would make a good protagonist for Red Dead Redemption 3. Such a move would would make sense, given that Red Dead Redemption 2 actually served as a prequel surrounding the events of John Marston before the events of the original Red Dead Redemption. The third Red Dead Redemption installment could follow a similar narrative model where the player plays as a young Hosea during the early days of the Wild West, seeing the Van Der Linde gang at its peak.

Although, a third Red Dead Redemption installment seems unlikely to release anytime soon. Considering that it took eight years for a second installment of Red Dead Redemption to release and given that much of Rockstar Games’ focus is now being placed on Red Dead Online, the gaming community likely won’t see another sequel to Red Dead Redemption for quite some time.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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