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A new shows more detail than ever before about the upcoming Dead 2.

Released by Rockstar, the five-minute video – which follows another similar set of footage – is a an unprecedented look at the world of the game.

All of the footage shown in the video was taken from inside the game.

As well as giving detail on the plot and the world inhabited by main characters Arthur and the Van der Linde Gang, the video also gives some detail on what players will be able to get up to. The video shows train robberies, gang showdowns, confrontations with outlaws and lawmen.

And it also shows some of the improvements made to the Dead Eye system that is a central part of the game’s mechanics.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on 26 October, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox, with the online part of the game following a month later. Details about the game – including just how huge a space it will take up on player’s hard drives – are gradually leaking in advance of that release date, and The Independent has already spent some substantial time with the brand new game.

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