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Boasting a roster of over 50 , Red Dead 2 has several different standard, rare, and unique weapon types. For the standard weapons, however, players may want to have an educated understanding of which weapons work best in combat.

Of course, some of this could take time to build up to in Red Dead Redemption 2, but each are worth the investment. So, without further ado, here are the best weapons in the game.

Best Revolver

There are three revolvers choose from in Red Dead Redemption 2, but the $84 Schofield Revolver has the best damage, accuracy, and fire rate. Moreover, players can avoid buying the gun and just rob the Doctor’s Shop in Valentine.

To do so, look through the back window first then force the doctor into the backroom. Kill everyone and loot it from the box on table. This is a great early game firearm, and players can purchase the second once they’ve gained the ability to dual wield.

Best Pistol


The best pistol will come down to personal choice, as there are three solid pistols in separate categories. The Volcanic Pistol does the most damage and only costs $150. Alternatively, the Semi-Automatic version has the best fire rate and reload speed, and the Mauser has a lot of bullets and fires quickly enough.

Best Rifle

It’s important to note that both rifles in this category are slow, with the Springfield Rifle dealing slightly more damage and the Bolt Action Rifle is a bit more accurate. On the other hand, there is also the Lichfield Repeater, which is the best repeating rifle at the cost of $145.

Best Shotgun


The Repeating Shotgun is the best single shotgun for damage. However, once players can dual wield, Sawed-off Shotguns can challenge the other shotgun in terms of damage output.

Best Sniper Rifle

For players who prefer combat at far range, the Carcano Rifle is the weapon of choice. It has fantastic range, damage-dealing abilities, and accuracy.

Of course, as a sniper rifle, it shouldn’t be used in close quarters. Players will find it gives them leverage at a distance in the expansive world of Red Dead 2.

Best Melee Weapon

Silent, but deadly, the Tomahawk is the most brutal melee weapon, as it can kill with a single throw at close range and remain absolutely silent. The biggest drawback, for some, is that they will need to pick it back up after being thrown.


With these weapons, Red Dead Redemption 2 players should be able to easily dispatch every enemy in the game ranging from the standard, run-0f-the-mill gunslinger to the legendary animals. It’s also worth mentioning that players will want to keep their guns clean in order to keep up the output and/or benefit from one of the game’s cheat codes.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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