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2‘s release is mere months away, and Capcom is revealing more of the game’s to tantalize fans. The newest trailer released for Tokyo Game Show highlights familiar faces, including the first major appearance of Ada since the game’s reveal.

The Resident Evil 2 remake story trailer takes a close look at the trials that both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will go through in their separate campaigns. Familiar faces pop up throughout the trailer, including the William and Annette Birkin, with a much closer look at the mutated mess William Birkin turns into.

After months of speculation on the notorious spy Ada Wong, she makes her first official debut here. It appears that previous leaks regarding Ada’s change in appearance look were correct, as she dons a trench coat and sunglasses instead of her iconic red dress. Developers evidently made the alteration in order to maintain a sense of realism, much like the subtle changes to Claire’s outfit.

While there’s less of an emphasis on combat in this trailer, it’s certainly not short in peril. Claire and Leon appear to meet each other under the exact same panicked circumstances they did in the original, surrounded by zombies on Raccoon City’s streets. Zombies – including the series’ iconic zombie dogs – are everywhere, and William Birkin is as ruthless as one would expect, sending Claire and Sherry’s elevator crashing to the ground during their attempt to flee. Completing the sense of unease is a final shot of Leon and Ada preparing to head underground, where fans of the original know their story reaches its apex.

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Resident Evil 2‘s changes from the original have divided some series fans on the potential of this game. Some like the revisions to character designs and control schemes, but others will surely have doubts about the newest set of changes. Capcom is clearly trying to step lightly in order to not upset fans of the original while reviving the game for modern audiences, even going so far as finding a way to keep one of the most iconic moments in Resident Evil 2 despite difficulties adapting it to the new title. Dubious gamers will have to wait to see if the remake lives up to their expectations or betrays their nostalgia.

Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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