Resident Evil 8 Features More NPCs for Ethan to Interact With

Recent leaks indicate a more prominent role for new protagonist Ethan in Evil 8, including numerous interactions with NPCs.

Evil 8 is deep in its development process, with Capcom still seeking to release the game next year on PC and next gen consoles. The game picks up after Resident Evil 7, retaining its first-person perspective and main character Ethan Winters; the latter of which is set to see heavy character development through Resident Evil 8’s NPC interactions.

Ethan was a decent character in Resident Evil 7, though he has much more potential in the sequel as he can move beyond his search for Mia. Not having to take a backseat to the Baker family this time around should help Ethan get some time in the spotlight, and according to a recent leak, Ethan will get assistance from NPCs to help with his character development. It turns out that the village the game is set in will not just be filled with monsters and werewolves after all.

There is still plenty that players do not know about Ethan, and according to Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer, the character will be explored deeply in the next game in the series. While players will supposedly “play as two other characters” in RE8’s story, Ethan is the plot’s central figure. Ethan is supposedly involved in a lot more of the story’s major events, and “there’s more NPCs in this game than any other RE” according to the leaker.

NPCs are certainly an interesting component within a first-person survival horror game, and their inclusion could explain Resident Evil 8’s game length. If the characters are used properly and don’t remove the feeling of isolation that the series’ best games are known for, their inclusion could allow for plenty of strong story moments. Whether these NPCs offer quests or item rewards is unclear, as AestheticGamer only shares that they are a noteworthy aspect of the sequel.

The final interesting tidbit given by AestheticGamer regarding Ethan’s larger role in the story is that the game will focus on the character’s psychology. This includes “the angle that Ethan is a city person dealing with rural nonsense,” which leaves him being untrusted by the Village’s survivors and treated as an outsider. Hallucinations will also be a big issue Ethan is supposedly dealing with, which makes sense given the character’s horrifying experiences in Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 8 has a lot to explain regarding the current state of the Resident Evil universe, so expanding on Ethan’s character is a good place to start.

Horror fans will get their next look at Resident Evil 8 at TGS 2020. Perhaps the showcase will give some insight on how the game’s NPCs will function, or maybe even a glimpse at one of Ethan’s hallucinations. Based on this leak, RE8 is shaking things up a bit, and it will be interesting to see where the series goes next.

Resident Evil 8 is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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