Resident Evil 8 Game Will Be for Next-Gen Consoles, Release Date Leaked

Capcom has been on a roll lately, especially as it pertains its survival-horror  Evil franchise. Both Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 remake have released to strong sales and critical acclaim, with many wondering what’s next for the long-running series. Capcom has yet to officially announce the next Resident Evil games it has in development, but rumors suggest that the next two games in the series will be the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake and Resident Evil 8.

These rumors come from a well-known Resident Evil leaker known as both Dusk Golem and AestheticGamer. Dusk Golem accurately leaked information on Resident Evil 7 prior to its reveal, which makes his information on Resident Evil 8 a little easier to believe, though we still must caution that fans should take this news with a grain of salt.

According to Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 8 has been “a bit delayed” internally, and so it may not release quite at the time Capcom was hoping. Dusk Golem also mentioned that Capcom is “unofficially” making the Resident Evil series an annual franchise, suggesting that the Resident Evil 3 remake will release in January 2020, and the unannounced Resident Evil 8 could come in January 2021.

And if not January 2021, then perhaps later in 2021. Regardless, fans can expect the rumored Resident Evil 8 to come to next-generation consoles, if Dusk Golem is to be believed. This does make a great deal of sense when one considers the likely possibility that next-gen consoles could be announced as early as this year and will launch in 2020, as many analysts and industry insiders have suggested.

Unfortunately, Dusk Golem didn’t reveal any additional information about what Resident Evil 8 could entail, but another leak may offer some clues. According to a different leaker by the name of EvilVR, Resident Evil 8 will be set on an island where a laboratory is conducting experiments that creates creatures similar to Eveline from Resident Evil 7. The game will reportedly borrow concepts from the abandoned Resident Evil 3.5 concept, also known as the Hook Man demo, and will have the player character experience hallucinations.

Whether or not any of this information is accurate remains to be seen. And if Resident Evil 8 is aiming for a 2021 release as suggested, then it looks like fans will be left wondering for quite some time to come.

Resident Evil 8 is rumored to be in development for next-generation consoles.

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